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The U.S. is helping China build a novel, superior nuclear reactor
The Department of Energy is dusting off one of the old betamaxes of nuclear technology: The molten salt reactor. But with political will lacking at home, it will rise in China.
Feb. 2, 2015


Startup nuclear energy companies auger safer, cheaper atomic power
Maverick reactor firms promise to cut the CO2 cord with novel designs. Tiny LPP Fusion from New Jersey is even crowdfunding.
July 3, 2014


Government watchdog: U.S. slipping in nuclear energy innovation
The U.S. Department of Energy risks missing a deadline for a prototype “advanced reactor” while China, Russia make progress, the Government Accountability Office says.
June 27, 2014


Mobile makers shake up music biz
Nokia and Sony Ericsson threaten cellular carriers with their new music plans.
Dec. 14, 2007


Lord of the roof
Ryan Jarvis's London startup rents space atop urban buildings, then subleases to service providers that mount wireless network antennas.
Oct. 15, 2007


Can Nokia beat iPhone at its own tunes?
Apple may have invaded Nokia's turf by entering the mobile phone market, but the handset maker plans to fire back with its own online music service.
July 26, 2007


A Battle for Europe's airwaves
With European countries planning to sell off broadcast and phone spectrum, everybody wants in on the action.
June 18, 2007


Skype's founders' next target: TV
Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis plan to one-up YouTube by streaming legal video onto your TV.
April 20 2007


Advertising Goes Mobile
It’s the ultimate targeted marketing machine
Feb. 23, 2007


Nokia battles Qualcomm over royalties
The handset maker wants to cut its royalty payments for using Qualcomm's technology. The outcome will have huge implications for everyone else.
Dec. 19, 2006


Web maverick shakes up status quo again
Skype and Kazaa pioneer Niklas Zennstrom pulls a promising new Wi-Fi startup out of his hat.
Aug. 29, 2006


Phone wars: Operator vs. handset maker
Who will control the $42 billion in entertainment that mobile-phone users are expected to buy?
June 14, 2006


Topless woman found on wireless phone
Mobile Porn
April 18, 2005


Europe discovers TV via telephone
April 19, 2004


Steve And Jorma Make The Hard Cell
April 29, 2002


The battle over mobile television
By Mark Halper May 30, 2005

Nearly free digital TV sweeps across Europe
By Mark Halper July 25, 2005

Trying to get a grip on Europe
Palm’s problems
By Mark Halper Dec. 13, 2004

Early mobile VoIP threat
What worries mobile operators
By Mark Halper Nov. 15, 2004

Europe hangs up on Japanese i-Mode
By Mark Halper Sept. 6, 2004

Europe discovers TV via telephone
By Mark Halper April 19, 2004

Murdoch Jr. aims for the Sky
By Mark Halper March 8, 2004

What’s wrong with this picture?
Consumers are buying camera phones, but they’re not sending photos
By Mark Halper Jan. 26, 2004

Why fight over Wi-Fi?
Civil wars rage inside European telcos, as both mobile and fixed-line want a piece of the action.
By Mark Halper Nov. 24, 2003

Goodbye, information
Britain’s directory assistance mess is making consumers yearn for monopoly.
By Mark Halper Oct. 27, 2003

Life on the edge
3G remains a dream deferred. For now, Edge is the future.
By Mark Halper Oct. 13, 2003

Can MSN8 fly in Europe?
Microsoft fumbles its broadband software launch
By Mark Halper June 9, 2003

More early Wi-Fi threat
Europe: Wi-Fi’s New Hot Spot
After a slow start, Europe has started to catch the Wi-Fi wave.
By Mark Halper May 12, 2003

The little muscle that could
A California startup takes on the micromotor industry
By Mark Halper March 31, 2003

SMS to Gates: See u in court
British cellphone maker Sendo says Microsoft stole its secrets
By Mark Halper March 3, 2003

Early TV by phone line threat
Dial ‘T’ for Television
Phone Companies have a new way to fight cable: TV by DSL.
By Mark Halper Dec. 9, 2002

Can Virgin Extend its Virtual Reach?
By Mark Halper Nov. 11, 2002

Early WiFi threat story
To WiFi or Not to WiFi?
If Europe’s mobile operators don’t snag WiFi, they’ll lament the one that got away.
By Mark Halper Sept. 16, 2002

Europe Turns Off Pay Television
Ballmer’s Folly
By Mark Halper June 24, 2002

Europe’s PayTV Can’t Pay the Bills
Only Sky Isn’t Falling
By Mark Halper May 27, 2002