Mark Halper is a UK-based freelance journalist who writes about everything from media moguls to subatomic particles. He currently focuses on energy and the environment, blogging for the CBS SmartPlanet website, and for The Weinberg Foundation, a London-based non-profit group geared toward alternative nuclear power. He contributes to The Guardian and has written extensively for TIME Magazine. Mark keeps a keen eye on manufacturing innovations and on the endless battle between telecom, media and technology companies. He has written about antimatter, cloning, pistachios, fish, landmines, surfing, medicine, patents, venture capital, you name it - always with a flair for spotting maverick individuals and disruptive forces. He also written for Fortune, the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Independent on Sunday, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and many others, filing from London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki, Berlin, Cairo, Cannes and elsewhere. He is the author of Emerging Nuclear Innovations, a 64-page post-Fukushima report. Mark runs lively debates and interviews at industry conferences. An American living in England, Mark is writing a book about the wonderful paradoxes of Britain. He is available for stories, conferences and speaking.

Mark Halper
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Blogs: CBS SmartPlanet | The Weinberg Foundation
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Author: Emerging Nuclear Innovations - Picking global winners in the race to reinvent nuclear energy